Nego Di makes jokes with Linn da Quebrada in a show and calls her a ‘traveco’

Nego Di makes jokes with Linn da Quebrada in a show and calls her a ‘traveco’

Protagonist of the comedy show “98 Percento”, the comedian and former participant of Big Brother Brasil 21 Nego Di makes jokes with Linn da Quebrada in his stand-up comedy show and has been the target of protests on social networks.

In a video clip that has gone viral, he refers to Linn as a “traveco” and says that she “still has the piece”, in reference to her genital organ. He also makes fun of the fact that the singer kissed Maria inside Big Brother Brasil 22.

“All of a sudden, the most random thing in my life. I’m sitting with the nega vein watching the thing, the transvestite caught a girl. Kissed a girl. I looked at that: ‘but what is this? Does the tranny want to drive me crazy? “, shot.

In another moment, Nego Di says that the public is allowed to laugh and that the only one who could be arrested would be himself.

Wanted, Linn da Quebrada still hadn’t answered. Through social networks, Nego Di mocked the engagement he received with controversy. “While lacrolândia ‘tries’ to cancel me for a joke, my numbers only go up. Thanks for the engagement, LGBTQIA+ community. I love you guys so much!”

Not only fans, but celebrities were against Nego Di after the joke. One of them was also comedian Antonio Tabet, from Porta dos Fundos. “The last time I laughed so hard was when I broke my leg,” he wrote while showing a snippet of Di’s video.

Nego Di replied: “I’m tired of this hypocrisy! Antonio Tabet wanting to seal over my show because it’s a travesty joke, but at Christmas Porta dos Fundos already made Jesus Christ gay, drugged and in cabaret and God having sex with call girls “, wrote.

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