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10 habits that seriously damage your relationship


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Unfortunately in recent years, of this endless isolation and loneliness, we have probably adopted some annoying habits – for some – that we would never have in a phase of normalcy.

So let’s start with a typical countdown to these annoying behaviors.

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# 10: you and your cell phone

Do not be afraid, we will not take it, we just suggest you when you are with your partner not to deal with it constantly. This addiction – which we all unfortunately have – permanently distracts you and leaves you neither space nor time for your loved one. Gradually you will get tired and you will end up alone with your cell phone and your partner in another hug.

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So try to limit it by putting your cell phone on silent or mute notifications.

# 9: You do not say thank you

Saying thank you, even to something small, is a gesture of appreciation – in addition to good manners. It is a recognition of the effort that your partner makes to lift your spirits, to make you smile. It is a movement of love and you must recognize it, if you want to have similar movements in the future.

It is these little things that make the difference. So do not take them for granted and find a way to show your gratitude. Even with a simple thank you.

# 8: Promises you do not keep

“Do not classify a child” says the proverb, but we also tell it to you, that you play and do not keep. The promise is a commitment that you say you will keep. And the other person trusts you and expects you to do it. But when you systematically break your promises, it is like a little betrayal, it is a lie. And this will definitely shake the trust of the other, because it enters like a wedge between you and makes you look unreliable and insolvent.

So limit these promises and try to fulfill what you undertake. In case you do not succeed, better inform your partner and justify yourself seriously.

# 7: You constantly criticize

By commenting negatively on the other you do not improve him, but on the contrary you upset and irritate him. Such an observation, even if grounded, is never considered well-intentioned. The recipient of the comment perceives it as irony, as rejection, as “throwing”. And that’s not okay with your relationship.

So instead of constantly commenting, focus on this comment that you want to make, because something really bothers you and not like that, to say something. Many times, we can show the other that we do not like something in a good and encouraging way.

# 6: you expect a perfect relationship

Yes, no one could blame you for that, but it was a realistic demand. Expecting to have the perfect relationship is impossible. This is because there are no perfect people, no perfect things, no perfect situations.

Do not expect the other to be what you imagined. Appreciate your man for what he is and not for what you would like him to be. Lower your expectations and recognize your partner’s positive traits. A relationship can be perfect even if your @ partner is not.

# 5: you ignore the other’s interests

In a relationship, which you have the requirement to last forever, you must respect the preferences and interests of the other.

So in the points where you disagree or better not share, show tolerance. Support yourself with things you like, even if you find yourself coldly indifferent. After all, relationships also want their retreats.

# 4: you do not ask for what you want

Too often we let others think wrong things about us. For example, we let them think we like country music or moussaka, when in fact we hate them.

The same can happen in your relationship. To be ashamed or even worse, to be afraid to ask for what you really want. Yes, this is not the fault of others, but clearly yours. The key to a healthy relationship is communication.

If, however, there are issues of oppression and manipulative behavior then the thing is serious and then you should not read this article, but this one.

# 3: You want a relationship desperately

Desperate moves lead to desperate mistakes. And a relationship can not be a desperate mistake because these mistakes are not easily corrected. It is better to be single than to be stuck in an ineffective relationship. Think of it as a bad collaboration, which will end soon and ignominiously.

# 2: You have commitment issues

We would suggest you take a look at this, because it is a bit contradictory on the one hand to want a stable relationship and on the other hand not to be able to make commitments. After all, it is your problem and not your partner’s, who enters a relationship that will surely hurt him a lot.

Also, the commitment has nothing to do with the person, but also with the space, your work and in general with you. So, if you belong to this category of people, which can not take root anywhere, then what a pity what a pity what a pity, as Angelakas would say.

It’s your right to be a modern prefecture, but to do that and be in a stable relationship at the same time, you either have to find a calm and patient person or find an equal prefecture. It’s not your fault, you are and you are not going to change.

# 1: You do not love yourself

This is more of a problem than a problem behavior. However, it becomes an annoying habit if you whine for endless hours at your partner about how bad your body is, how much cellulite you have, how oily your hair is and generally how bad you are. Low self-esteem is a serious reason for separation. Your partner wants a man next to him confident, with confidence and dynamism and not grumpy and grumpy.

Love yourself to be loved.

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