Bronze hair color: 6 ideas to get inspired and adopt the hot trend of the season


Did you know that bronze hair color is “endangered species”; Only 2% of the total population were born having natural bronzes hair. It is indeed an impressive shade that you do not often encounter every day.

Do not be discouraged if you are not born ginger girl because in this period we are going through, it is very likely that you will become and impress. If her new bronze look Kendall Jenner, of Yris Palmer and her Jennie Kim You’ve been interested, it ‘s probably time to make an appointment with a color expert.

Learn all about bronze from color expert Lorena M. Valdes
It is probably the most coveted shade of summer. You can renew it hair look you choosing this shade that belongs to the color palette of red colors, thus giving a subtle but very fresh change. According to color expert Lorena M. Valdes at the copper shade is the ideal choice for someone who wants a natural result in her hair color. The reason it imitates natural shades so much is that it contains a large amount of brown color.

If you are a brunette then according to Lorena a copper shade is an excellent choice that will match harmoniously with the color of your skin. Therefore, we would say that it suits women quite well with warm skin tone. However, if your skin is colder, then do not be disappointed at all. There is for each skin tone the corresponding shade of copper. For the older skin there is the following guidance: Choose the shade with the least red but more yellow and gold tone. Say yes to the method balayage. It is a technique with which you will get a natural result and it is the appropriate method to experiment and see if it suits you or not.

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