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What happens when you realize you hate your new job?


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How many times to start one new job It is exciting. After all, that means you went through a long interview process and survived. But suddenly, working for a while, you realize that you hate this new job. What can you do; Will you regain your lost motivation?

Well, first, take a breath. You are certainly not the first person to start a new job, and he realizes that it is the wrong job.

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But here’s the hint: It’s okay to be upset, frustrated or upset with a new job. You can not know everything about a company from outside and while you show your best face during an interview, there is a good chance they will know too. It is also helpful to remember that they exist things you can do to improve the situation —You just need a back up plan for yourself.

If you think the problem is the job, you will immediately notice the red flags
Some of the red flags may have been there during the interview, but you ignored them or missed them because you were excited. But now that you are officially here, you realize that it is a much bigger case.

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For example, it is endless working hours; It’s absurd expectations of the director you? Does management reward overwork, even if it means no one goes home late at night? Does the company encourage people to keep working when they are sick? Are there any company policies or people that make you feel uncomfortable or insecure?

If you do not feel respected in this new jobif the job or company does not align with your core values ​​or if Sunday nights bring tears to your eyes, the situation is unlikely to improve and you may have to start looking at your choices to leave.

Be honest with yourself about how you feel
New jobs bring changes: You meet new people, you have a new manager, you use new software and you learn new workflows. The company’s culture and values ​​are probably different from what you are used to. In addition, the new job may seem like a “stretch”Of your skills. This leaves a lot of room for her self-doubt or imposter syndrome.

So ask yourself: Do you like what the job might be like? you hate the fact that you feel insecure about what you do; If so, there may be things you can do to acclimatize faster, such as talking to your manager and co-workers and asking them for help.

Learn how fast you need to act
As tempting as it is to just give up, acting impulsively can damage your career and finances. Sometimes, the best way to act is to find ways to make the job easier for you while you are looking for something else.

For example, if you feel lonely or young colleagues ignore you, try contacting a trusted friend from a previous job. It always helps to have someone else to talk to and these relationships can help you process what is happening right now.

But if the work is toxic and it hurts your emotional and physical health, you just have to leave. You just have to figure out how to do it in a way that you can afford.

Network to ask for help
In other words, Contact former colleagues, managers and contacts and see who hires.

If you do not think you can stay in your current job while you are going through a long interview process for a full time job, look for a short-term work that will keep you financially secure and will get you out of the unhealthy workplace as soon as possible.

Update your resume and start applying
Whether you return to your old job or find a new one, remember that you have no obligation to include every job in your resume. If you are not there for a long time and find a new job right away, it does not matter if you skip it, especially if the short tenure in this job is not an experience you really want to highlight anyway.

Learn from this experience
The good news is that one day you will get over it, this job will be nothing more than a memory and a learning experience.

In the end, we spend too much time at work to be unhappy. So it does not matter be selective when looking for your next opportunity.

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