“Peaky Blinders”: The first atmospheric teaser for the 6th season has been released (vid)


We finally get a glimpse of the long-awaited 6th and final season of Peaky Blinders, even if these are just a few scenes.

The BBC published the first atmospheric but short teaser through the social media of the show and confirmed that the Shelbys will finally return much earlier than expected.

Watch the first teaser

So look forward to the return of Cillian Murphy Thomas and the rest of the Shelbys to your screens in January 2022.

We are also expected to see how the story of the series will manage the sudden demise of Helen McCrory who played Aunt Polly, as it has not been clarified whether she completed her scenes before she passed away.

What about Peaky Blinders?

Season 6 will not be the last time we see Shelbys, however, as it has long been known that the saga will end with a movie. The infamous gangster family will start shooting Peaky Blinders in 2023, as revealed by the creator of the series Steven Knight.



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