‘My mother was not affectionate and my father was absent’, says Cauã Reymond


Cauã Reymond, 41, spoke about the troubled relationship with his parents, astrologer Denise Reymond, who died of cancer in 2019, and psychologist José Marques. “The atmosphere in my house was very violent. My mother already broke a broom and two rackets on me! I was a rebellious boy. I had a lot of energy and lacked a male pulse. I saw my father only twice a year”, he recalled.

The actor said that the mother’s family was very poor, whereas the father’s was middle class. “My paternal grandparents were incredible: they paid for my studies and did the market. They even went to [Nova] Friburgo (RJ) and they took everything to help us,” said Cauã in an interview with Ela magazine, from O Globo newspaper.

“My mother was not affectionate and my father was absent, despite having gone to live with him. I do not hold grudges and I embrace my entire story. When I was younger, I did not embrace it”, reflected the actor, stating that Marques was very strict . “He was a psychologist, but at home he had nothing about psychology! He had a name on the food in the fridge! I think he ate so much that he needed to demarcate the territories”, he commented, laughing.

Cauã pointed out that from a very young age he had helped to support the family, but that if his mother was still alive, he would not be able to say this publicly. “She was very difficult. Once, she called a newspaper editor and made up a story. The gossips tried to talk to her. She threatened me, blackmailed me… It really wasn’t easy. Another time, I mentioned that I was going to a program and she said she was going too. She tried to play Miss’s mother, you know?” recalled the actor.

Sofia’s father, 9, from the union with actress Grazi Massafera, 39, Cauã tries to be present and prioritize time with the girl. “I have shared custody, Monday through Monday, for a week. Being able to do my best as a parent is more than breaking a pattern in my family, it’s a matter of survival. I have this commitment.”

Currently, the actor stars in the soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol” (Globo), in the skin of the twins Cristian and Renato. The plot is the first unpublished at 9 pm after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and marks the return of Cauã to the serials. His last role in soap operas was in “A Regra do Jogo” (2015, Globo).

“This is without a doubt the hardest job I’ve ever had in complexity,” said the actor in a press conference in early November. “Mauritius [Farias, o diretor] and Lycia [Manzo, autora] they prepared me with reports, films, we did readings. It was my wish to deliver a job like this after so long away from soap operas, it’s been almost six years.”


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