Six pieces of “keys” to achieve a summer outfit in the city


We searched and found them six pieces you need this summer in your closet to create the most stylish summer looks in the city.

Because, if you bring summer to your city, you realize that it is not so far after all and the most direct way to achieve it is through clothes and accessories that you wear.

Linen shirt

The linen is probably the most popular fabric of the summer. It may be completely absent from our winter wardrobe, but as the temperature rises, so do sales of clothes made from linen fabrics. The Linen shirt is one of the most timeless pieces of our summer wardrobe. It is quite light and coolwhile at the same time it is one elegant choice for all hours. This year, you will see it star not so much in earthy colors but in intense, fluo shades, As the fuchsia. It fits me perfectly white wide pants, jeans, printed sorts and skirtsespecially if they have the same weave.

Floral Pants
If you have a romantic and playful mood then you definitely need floral pants. The bold prints and especially floral is always in the summer trends and very high on our wish list. If you already have enough dresses and tops with this print then it’s time to enrich the drawer with your pants adding statement pants with many flowers and colors. Besides, they will facilitate you a lot in the styling process, since they match all the basic clothes of your wardrobe. A wider line would be a much more comfortable and cool solution for walks in your sunny city. You do not say the result is anything but boring.

Wrap skirts

The wrap skirts have been high on summer trends since last year. They became sought after, especially if you wanted a comfortable but impressive beach outfit. Yes you got it, a wrap skirt goes great with a swimsuit, but not only. It could be a nice choice with a white t – shirt for a morning walk for shopping therapy or with a crop top for an afternoon cocktail at an outdoor bar. Combines beautifully with flatswhile if you love high shoes try to combine it with espadrilles.

Scarf top
Dig up your old scarves and wear them as a top. This trend reminiscent of no other summer while it is impressive that one beachwear look can be performed so successfully in a streetstyle. If you want to have a hot blouse then follow famous fashion Instagrammers and Tiktokers to get inspired to create special bindings in order to wear your printed scarf in the best way.

Crochet style

It is another purely summer trend. This year, it is the big “weapon” of the famous houses, as it was not missing from any summer collection, both in clothing and accessories. Why buy one crochet cloth; It is a statement piece, quite elegant, suitable for all hours of the day, which does not need special styling as it is very impressive in itself. If you want to experiment, see if and to what extent this trend is for you then start with a shirt or cardigan, which you will be able to take comfortably with you later on the beach. Also, add to its advantages that you can find it at very affordable pricesso that if you like it (rather unlikely) you do not “cry” your money.

Colored bag

Accessories category and what is our favorite accessory? Of course the question was rhetorical, since we all know that without shoes we can go out, without a bag ever. This year, great protagonist is the color, either from very intense shades or from more pal. Even the most basic outfit acquires identity and character if you add one to it fuchsia, green or blue bag. It is quite fun to invest in colored bags and this year, due to the trends, it is quite easy to find the right combinations to keep a colored bag.

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