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PL 399-2015 will be voted on in the Chamber of Deputies, right after the next All Souls’ holiday, on Tuesday 2. Controversial, but much needed for thousands of patients, the bill regulates the trade and planting of the Cannabis medicinal and industrial hemp.

It was approved in June by the special committee of the Chamber of Deputies, which analyzes the issue. From then on, the matter would have two paths: going straight to the Senate or going to the plenary for a vote by deputies.

The representatives of the Cannabis made an agreement with the president of the Casa Arthur Lira, according to sources. PL 399-2015 goes to vote, on the other hand, it also follows PL 3262/2021, on homeschooling, which decriminalizes home study.

Last Wednesday, 27th, the buzz was great among businessmen linked to Cannabis, as many prefer that PL 399 go straight to the Senate. It is known, however, that the matter still causes a lot of controversy among senators. In August, senator Eduardo Girão (Podemos-CE) even called the project “drug trafficking”.

For those who do not follow the subject, PL 399-2015 regulates the cultivation of Cannabis medicinal, that is, hemp, a plant with low THC content (a substance that in high concentration has psychotropic effects), which is not suitable for recreational use. Authored by deputy Fábio Mitidieri (PSD-SE), the project was again analyzed by the Special Committee on Cannabis, in 2020. Deputy Luciano Ducci (PSD-PR) was responsible for reporting the new version.

The project’s idea is to make the planting viable so that the industry has cheaper raw material. It is currently imported. When cultivated on national soil, pharmaceutical companies would be able to produce medicine from hemp substances at an affordable price for the population. Today a bottle of national CBD at the pharmacy costs R$ 2,100. Already imported, for R$500, on average.

If it becomes law, there will also be the opening of a new industry. Hemp has many applications ranging from construction to clothing.

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