Teenagers become more… “lazy”, but “no” for the reasons you think – Read what exactly is happening


Schoolgirls who were bullied at school were more physically active, while boys who had the same experience were less likely to participate in school exercise.

According to a study published by the New York Post, 3 out of 4 students they do not have much intense physical activityas shown by his study University of Georgiain a sample of 360,000 high school students.

Also, one of the interesting facts revealed by the research is that there is a gap between the two sexes, regarding the issue of physical exercise. This is because only 35% of the female students who took part in the survey stated that they participate in some activity, compared to 57% of the female students.

However, the authors of the study blame education – not the lazy teenagers – for lack of regular exercise.

«The duration of the break in schools, facilities and the social environment are the factors that affect the physical activity of studentsThe study’s lead author, Janani Rajbhandari-Thapa, an associate professor of health policy and management at UGA, said in a statement.

The researcher recently participated in an information campaign on health and physical education for students, which was implemented mainly in public schools in Georgia.

«Over time, for example, in Georgia schools, there has been a decline in physical activity levels among all adolescents, but the rate is higher among high school and high school students.Said the researcher, whose new study was published in Journal of Adolescence.

Of concern is also the fact that diabetes has risen sharply among young people in the US. The new study reinforces previous findings, which show that interest in the fitness class has declined in recent decades, while obesity among 12- to 19-year-olds has tripled since the 1990s.

The researcher says that if there is a supportive social environment, perhaps this is the “key” to encouraging interest in sports and exercise in students. «We do not know much about the role of the school environment in physical activityHe notes.

It is worth noting that the schoolgirls, who reported that they had suffered bullying at school were more physically active than those who were less bullied, while boys who were bullied were less likely to participate in school exercise.

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