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How to reduce the time your child spends in front of a screen


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The problem for modern parents is the time they spend with their children on electronic media and screens.

The problem became very intense, especially after the closure of the pandemic. There are children, born in the pandemic and released for the first time in the world just now. So it is perfectly normal for them to be more connected to the tablet than to nature and the outside world.

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Now, every parent’s dream is to see their child play outside, paint and craft and of course read books. And precisely because he does not do any of these things, parents are increasingly worried.

The problem

So, your child’s attention to the screen of his mobile phone, tablet or computer not only causes issues in his socialization, but also creates an issue in his brain function.

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According to research, prolonged use of the screen changes the way children’s brains connect and network. More specifically, there is a weakness in the structural integrity of the part of the brain that has to do with communication, language and graphic skills.

At the same time, excessive use isolates the child from his environment and cuts him off from creative activities. And of course, there is always the risk of content being watched by the child.

The solution

Based on this data, your first move would be to disconnect all electronic devices, grab the child and start running until the internet does not catch on.

However, the modern world of interconnection, to which you have brought your child, requires you to be connected, or online. So, in the end, you may not have many options.

Or do you have?

In every problem you must find a solution. And usually, this solution is somewhere in between. So instead of going back to the Paleolithic era, it is better to come to terms with the new situation, conditionally.

# 1: Set rules from the beginning
The sooner the better. Set limits and rules for using the screen. Adopt a schedule that will suit both you and the child.

The sooner you learn to respect the limits and keep the schedules, you have nothing to fear. Just stick to your original plan.

Of course, as the child gets older, you will have to adjust. Not tragic changes, but logical ones.

# 2: Find alternative ways to have fun
As difficult as it is, it is good to find some time, even half an hour, to do things with the child.

That is, to find ways to keep it off screen. Go for a walk, ride a bike, paint or just play. Let him know that he can have a good time in other ways as well.

# 3: Socialize it
The ideal would be to have friends in your circle, who also have children and arrange to play together. These “hereditary” friendships last forever.

Otherwise, you can rely on acquaintances from school or other activities. Arrange a coffee with other moms so that the children can play, but away from screens and cell phones.

Another good solution is the playground. Half an egg is enough to play, to socialize and to “unleash”.

# 4: Arrange extracurricular activities
The best solution is sports. Find a sport he likes and just sign up. It will do him a lot of good and he will also be able to relax.

If he is not a very athletic type, there are various workshops for children of all ages, dealing with painting, ceramics, crafts, etc.

Maybe again, you have a little Mozart in your hands. Piano guitar, saxophone, and even drums are a good and constructive solution to take it off the screen.

# 5: Day without screen
It’s a good idea to arrange one day of the week, which will be the day of detoxification. It may be difficult, but not impossible. If you still see things as stressful, just turn on the TV.

# 6: Let it get bored
There is nothing wrong with being bored. It is completely natural and can be very creative.

So, if you do not bow down and a little indifference, you will see that very soon he will be busy on his own. From personal experience, I tell you it is tried and tested. In times of boredom you will be amazed at how creative they can be. It’s the time of the real game.

Just hide the screens.

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