Mosialos’s new post on Omicron mutation: “It seems to cause mild illness”

Mosialos’s new post on Omicron mutation: “It seems to cause mild illness”

Newer encouraging data from South Africa about the new African variant Omicron of the coronavirus, which so far show that it causes a mild illness, quotes in a new post on Facebook the professor of Health Policy, Elias Mosialos, of the School of Economics and Political Science of London (LSE) and Imperial College.

The whole post is as follows:

“I wrote yesterday that we obviously have a lot of unanswered questions and among them is whether the new Omicron variant changes the clinical picture and the symptoms and especially if it makes the disease more serious.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, president of the South African Medical Association, said in a statement that from what they know so far, the Omicron variant causes a mild illness. More specifically, he said that the symptoms seem to last 1-2 days and are mainly fatigue and myalgias and sometimes accompanied by cough. Also, of those who got stuck, no one has lost their sense of smell or taste and some have already returned home.

Also, commenting on the situation in the hospitals, he stated that they do not face a greater burden due to imports from Omicron variants. He also said that we would have to wait a few weeks for more information on contagion. Mainly to see what clinical picture the unvaccinated present “.

“I agree,” concludes Mr Mosialos, with her mild and thorough statement to Sputnik: “It may be extremely contagious, yes, but so far the cases we are seeing are extremely mild. Maybe in two weeks from now I will have “I’m different, but that ‘s what we’re seeing now. So we’re seriously worried? No. We’re worried and we’re watching what’ s going on.”

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