Coronavirus-Third installment: The platform opens at midnight

Coronavirus-Third installment: The platform opens at midnight

The acceleration of the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine from 6 to 3 months was decided by the national vaccination committee after the relevant question asked by the government.

Such as announced the general secretary of Primary Health Marios Themistokleous, the national vaccination committee taking into account all the data concludes the administration of the third booster dose 3 months after the completion of the vaccination for all adults from 18 years and over.

According to the Ministry of Digital Government, the platform for the third installment will open, tonight, around midnight, however, the AMKA of the beneficiaries will gradually enter. It is estimated that it will be open to everyone by dawn.

The commission’s decision, Mr Themistocleous said, was based on the view that there should be as much protection as possible against vaccination as the micron mutation seems to be of increasing concern not only to scientists but also to society. The goal, as Mr. Themistocleous said, is to vaccinate as many people as possible by January, that is, all those who had the initial vaccination last September.

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