Tsakris in SKAI: Omicron will prevail over Delta-We had to go to the third installment earlier


“One way to stop the pandemic in our country would be to move faster to the third vaccination dose,” microbiology professor Athanasios Tsakris told SKAI.

The professor explained that we should run to the booster dose earlier, as our country is suffering from a prolonged pandemic wave and does not have many other solutions to deal with this phenomenon, while characterizing the third dose as necessary. “A step has been taken in this direction, perhaps earlier than other countries, but I think we should have gone to the third tranche earlier to limit the spread of the pandemic.”

Regarding the spread of the Omicron variant, he stressed that it makes no sense to close the borders of the countries, because the mutated strain can be born in many areas at the same time. “Most cases as we see in Great Britain are not related to travel,” he added.

He estimated that it would soon prevail over the Delta mutation: “It is obvious from all the data we have available, it seems to be much more contagious, causing re-infections in vaccinated with another strain and escaping to some extent the immune response.”

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