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Avoiding Total Knee Arthroplasty!


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In many cases the arthritis of a knee is not generalized, but limited to one of the two main “compartments” of the joint: either the medial compartment or the outer compartment.

This usually happens in post-traumatic arthropathies, in young, still athletically active middle-aged people, but also in anatomical deformations of the loading axes of the lower limbs. In these particular forms of limited arthropathy, a simple arthroscopic operation does not provide the desired solution, while Total Arthroplasty is considered excessive!

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If certain criteria are met, the doctor will suggest to the patient one of two effective intermediate solutions: either the Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty, or the osteotomy around the knee.

Unicompartmental Arthroplasty
In Unicompartmental Arthroplasty, an implant is placed in the diseased compartment of the knee through a small 6 cm incision. A necessary condition is that the patient has symptoms only from the specific compartment, that the affected limb has normal anatomical and mechanical axes and that the affected knee is ligamentally stable.

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The operation is performed with absolute success at HYGEIA with robotic assistance (MAKO, Stryker), bloodlessly and in a minimum of surgical time. Post-operatively, the patient is mobilized with bacteria the same afternoon and within two weeks has a full charge, while in one month he returns to his activities without symptoms.

Osteotomy is the solution of choice for patients with congenital or post-traumatic deformities of the lower limbs (rhabogonia, valisogonia, stiffness) but also in cases of patellar dysfunction. It is preceded by a special x-ray of the lower extremities (axiometry) which the doctor processes in computer software available at HYGEIA.

The measurements are then precisely applied during the operation so that the surgery takes less than an hour. The operation is bloodless, highly precise and with very satisfactory results for the patient. The patient partially loads using a pair of bacteria over a period of 6 weeks.

With the two above surgical techniques, which are extremely technologically advanced, the patient soon returns to his daily life, with minimal post-operative risks, while avoiding Total Arthroplasty or postponing it to the distant future!

Written by:
Ioannis Triantafyllopoulos
Director of the 5th Orthopedic Clinic HYGEIA

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