Tsiodras: There is a danger that an “Omicron wave” will be hidden in a “Delta wave”

Tsiodras: There is a danger that an “Omicron wave” will be hidden in a “Delta wave”

An informative event on the developments concerning the pandemic was held today at noon by the Medical School of EKPA, in which Sotiris Tsiodras and other scientists, members of the Teaching and Research Staff (Faculty) participated.

Mr. Tsiodras mainly referred to mRNA vaccines and the coronavirus spread within the family. Regarding vaccines, the professor stressed that “our DNA is not endangered by mRNA vaccines”, as they can not be integrated into human DNA, because the material they contain is extremely unstable and short-lived.

He even explained that “mRNA enters the cytoplasm and not the nucleus of the cell, as it lacks the enzymes needed to penetrate the DNA. So mRNA vaccines simply send “instructions” to our body on how to produce the proteins it needs for immunity. “Then, within a few days, the vaccines decompose, so they do not have long-term side effects.”

Regarding the spread, he said that “when we have a case in a family, we automatically consider the other members of the family to be probably” positive “. That’s why self-testing makes sense, especially during the holiday season like Christmas. “

Asked about the research he conducted with Professor Lytras, Mr. Tsiodras stressed that he has already answered and will not make further statements, as they are in a scientific forum and the questions should be related to what the scientists said.

Finally, he said that the number of cases doubles every two days, but there is a risk that a “Omicron wave” will be hidden in a “Delta wave”.

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