Gaga: The criteria for the administration of monoclonal antibodies have been expanded – Who is affected?


Deputy Minister of Health and Pulmonologist Mina Gaga made a post about monoclonal antibodies administered to specific categories of patients with coronavirus.

In its post, it informs doctors who want to prescribe monoclonal antibodies that the criteria for administration have been extended to patients and non-patients.

He points out that a necessary condition is to post the molecular test in the covid register.

It is recalled that the National Committee on Bioethics and Technoethics had issued a recommendation on the priority in the availability of monoclonal antibodies. The Commission stressed that the treatment of monoclonal antibodies is appropriate only for the early stages of the disease, before the possible admission for hospitalization of the patient.

Are they effective against Omicron?

Almost all monoclonal antibodies that have been developed and used to prevent severe Covid-19 infection appear to be less effective against the new Omicron variant, according to early laboratory (non-clinical) studies. The scientists’ initial pre-publications cite evidence from their laboratory experiments that Omicron is fully or partially resistant to virtually all existing monoclonal antibody therapies, according to Nature.

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