Gourgoulianis: The announcements of daily COVID cases only do harm

Gourgoulianis: The announcements of daily COVID cases only do harm

Konstantinos Gourgoulianis, Professor of Pulmonology at the University of Thessaly, spoke out against the announcement of the daily infections of the pandemic through the Sigma channel.

As Mr. Gourgoulianis explained, the announcements of daily cases only do harm, since they sow panic and do not give the right dimension to the problem.

“Following the standards of the countries of Northern Europe is not right. (cases to be reported). Remember that before the pandemic we had many infections some winter months. We were not announcing anything. “People are scared,” he said.

He explained that the reports of the cases are not accompanied by other data and cited as an example his on-call time at the Hospital in the last 24 hours where 10 people were admitted, 8 of whom were unvaccinated.

“It simply came to our notice then. If vaccinated, 65+ people are protected about 18 times by an unvaccinated person of the same age who will have a serious illness. Say these numbers that are useful to the world and help it make a decision. “We say the thousands of infections that are often random checks.”

As for how to control the situation in view of the holidays, the professor said that a mutation as contagious as O does not stop easily, as it “circulates among us”.

Asked if Omicron has a lower burden on our body, he said that there are some studies from Hong Kong that say that it is depleted in the upper respiratory tract. “He does not have pneumonia as it seems. “In England we do not have intubation or deaths from this mutation,” he said. As he explained, pandemics end on their own when the population acquires immunity. We now see it with vaccines that help with immunity.

At the same time, he estimated that based on the model of South Africa in early January, the wave that is now hitting Cyprus will begin to subside. He went on to say that “this wave will be exhausted quickly. In South Africa it ran out in a month or so. If we are at the top now in Cyprus, then this wave will probably be exhausted in January. Already in South Africa were all the measures and left only those that concern the accidental. “We will go a few weeks with this increase,” he said.

Speaking about monoclonal drugs, he said that if given in time, they help people. Regarding pills he said they are important in tackling the pandemic.


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