Opinion – The Worst of the Week: Paying Passion


Adriana writes to me asking if I “pay for passion” easily and says she doesn’t accept “friends who go home deeply involved after a third date”. Curious how here in São Paulo, where we are known to think a lot about money, there is no such expression that combines passion with issuing receipts. The act of paying passion, I still remember well in my 30s, is very carioque.

When I lived in Rio de Janeiro, and saw a guy who looked like Humberto Carrão on every corner, I understood that I could fall in love 40 times a day, during my walks from Leblon to Copacabana.

I confess that my clinical obsession is more the verb “to last”. I speak every week in therapy about my desire for an unshakable, continuous encounter, where I can still flourish for a long time and one day die satiated with stories and meanings. If it got cheesy, I apologize.

But passion, I have the good fortune (and in the eyes of many friends, the insanity) to feel it all the time. At some stages of life, I fall in love with two, three, or four people at the same time. I always leave meetings, birthdays, lunches, interviews, in love with someone. Of course, the durations range from seconds to years, depending on whether I’m just using the other’s back as a projection screen or whether there is in fact an interesting being that can stop standing after a few days. I’m not saying that I live really and carnally even 1/100 of these fantasies, but I wouldn’t know how to put up with the days if it weren’t for my ability to crave other people’s skin. Read more (08/27/2023 – 08:54 am)
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