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Senate Committee summons Queiroga and Damares to explain notes against vaccines


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The senators of the Senate’s Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation approved this Monday (7) requests to convene ministers Marcelo Queiroga (Health) and Damares Alves (Women, Family and Human Rights) to explain the technical notes of their respective portfolios. in defense of treatments without proven efficacy and against vaccines against Covid-19.

An invitation was also approved to the Secretary of Science, Technology, Innovation and Strategic Inputs of the Ministry of Health, Hélio Angotti Neto, who signed the note from the folder, and to the director-president of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), Antonio Barra Torres. Unlike the summons, in the invitation modality the authorities are not required to attend.

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The applications were approved symbolically.

Queiroga and Angotti were called to explain a technical note from the Ministry of Health that defends medicines from the so-called Covid Kit while questioning the effectiveness of vaccines. The document was prepared to try to stop the publication of a guideline for the treatment of patients with Covid-19 prepared by a group of experts that contraindicated the use of Covid kit in the SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde).

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The text of the directive had been approved by Conitec (National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies in the SUS), despite attempts by the pro-chloroquine wing of the government to boycott the discussion.

The technical note released by the ministry stated that there is efficacy and safety in the use of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19. On the other hand, the same document argues that vaccines do not demonstrate these characteristics. After strong negative repercussions, Angotti republished the note and excluded the comparison between hydroxychloroquine and vaccine, but maintained the decision to reject the Covid treatment guidelines.

“It is bordering on absurd that, after almost 2 years of a pandemic in which a massive scientific effort was mobilized to combat Covid-19, Brazil continues to suffer from the irresponsibility of denialist authorities – especially in the midst of vaccination, social isolation, measures non-pharmacological measures to prevent contagion and the post-contamination treatment itself”, states the request for summoning Queiroga, authored by Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP).

The application recalls the process at Conitec. The commission approved by 7 to 6 the guideline that contraindicated the use of drugs from the “Covid kit”, such as hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and ivermectin, in outpatient treatment.

On the 21st, the Secretary of Health Science and Technology, Hélio Angotti, decided to disapprove all four texts, even the one unanimously accepted and which did not mention the “Covid kit”.

“The decision expressed in the Technical Note [do Ministério da Saúde] is clearly contrary to the international scientific consensus and affronts the principles of caution, precaution and prevention – which should be the north of the compass of any public manager in the context of facing a pandemic, and not the opposite. There is no way, in this vein, to seal the subsistence of an act of the public power so contrary to the Federal Constitution”, states the text of the request.

“In view of the foregoing, it is imperative that this Commission summon Mr. Marcelo Queiroga, Minister of Health, so that, before Congress and Brazilian society, he explains and explains the responsibilities and administrative and criminal consequences arising from the issuance of the Note Denial and unconstitutional technique”, completes the application.

In the same session, the senators approved an invitation to Barra Torres, director-president of the health agency, responsible for authorizing the use of vaccines against Covid-19. The request also refers to the note from the Ministry of Health.

In relation to Minister Damares Alves, the call was approved for her to explain a technical note from the folder that commands against the mandatory vaccinations for children and adolescents and also against the so-called vaccine passport.

The Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, as Folha revealed, also provided a hotline service for cases of “discrimination” for those who refuse to take the vaccine.

The summons request is authored by Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE).

In the document, the ministry makes Dial 100, the government’s main channel for reporting human rights violations, available to anti-vaccination people who experience “discrimination”.

The technical note, obtained by the leaf, was completed on the 19th. It is signed by three secretaries and a director of the portfolio. Minister Damares Alves endorsed the document and forwarded it to other ministries from the 21st.

“As widely publicized by the media, the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights presented a technical note positioning itself against the vaccination passport and the mandatory vaccination of children against covid and also expanding the reach of the dial. denouncement of that folder for complaints of anti-vaccination people: it is the State acting against the citizen”, states the text of the request.

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