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Damares sends Bolsonaro and ministers to retreat on the use of Dial 100 for anti-vaccinations


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Minister Damares Alves (Women, Family and Human Rights) had to present to President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), 21 ministers and 27 governors a retreat on the indication of Dial 100 to anti-vaccination people.

The step behind Damares took place in response to a decision by Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), on the 14th.

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The minister’s letters were also sent to the Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, who presides over the CNMP (National Council of the Public Ministry); the president of the STF, Luiz Fux, president of the CNJ (National Council of Justice); the head of the Federal Public Defender’s Office, Daniel Pereira; the National Confederation of Municipalities; and the National Front of Mayors.

A technical note from the ministry indicated Dial 100 as a channel for complaints by anti-vaccine people who felt “discriminate”.

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Lewandowski determined a change in the content of the technical note and a ban on the use of Dial 100 by people who had not been vaccinated and who alleged “discrimination”.

In order to comply with the STF’s decision, a new technical note was prepared, without mentioning the possibility of using Dial 100 by anti-vaccinations.

Damares then sent this new document to 52 authorities on the 18th. In the letters, she referred to the previous letters, sent on January 21st to the same bodies and local governments, on “national certificate of vaccination and childhood vaccination against Covid-19”.

The minister stated in the official documents that she was complying with a court decision of the STF, sending the new technical note – without indicating the Dial 100 for anti-vaccinations – as a “rectification” to the original note, which made the government’s main channel for reporting violations available to anti-vaccines. rights of children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities and the LGBTQIA+ population.

The ministry did not respond to questions in the report and said it would not comment.

Copies of all the official documents, with the proper protocols in the bodies, were sent by the Ministry of Damares to the STF, in the course of the action that resulted in Lewandowski’s decision. The material was sent to the STF to prove compliance with the court order.

An article published by Folha on January 27 revealed the existence and content of the technical note prepared by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, endorsed by Damares, who forwarded it to other ministries.

In the document, the folder opposes the vaccination passport and the mandatory vaccination of children against Covid, in addition to making Dial 100 available for anti-vaccinations.

The of complaints, which can be accessed through Dial 100″, cites the document.

Since then, there has been an offensive by parliamentary benches and parties in Congress and with the STF and the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) to bar the technical note and guidance. The whistleblower channel attended to a “considerable number” of anti-vaccinations, according to the ministry itself.

Damares was asked to explain herself to the Senate Human Rights Commission. The PFDC (Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Citizens’ Rights), a collegiate body that works within the scope of the PGR (Attorney General’s Office), demanded explanations from the minister. And benches and parties triggered STF and MPF to overturn the technical note.

Lewandowski’s decision was based on the representation of the Sustainability Network, based on the report by sheet.

The minister determined that the technical note should contain an interpretation validated by the STF, that “compulsory vaccination does not mean forced vaccination, as it always requires the user’s consent”. The obligation can be implemented through indirect measures, such as restriction of frequency to certain spaces, as decided by the Supreme Court.

Regarding Dial 100, Lewandowski determined that the whistleblowing channel should stop serving anti-vaccinations.

Damares informed the STF that the channel is no longer being used for this purpose, in compliance with the court decision. He also informed that complaints made prior to the decision will be suspended, without referral to control and investigation bodies.

The new technical note was amended, and the document was prepared by the holders of the ministry’s secretariats, and no longer by substitutes.

The document reproduces the understanding of the STF, but goes on to say that the requirement for a vaccination certificate “can generate social segregation” and “place people on the fringes of citizenship”. Regarding childhood vaccination, the ministry says that it is the right of parents to decide whether their children will be vaccinated or not, “without this preventing access to other equally fundamental rights”.

When the first report was published on January 27, the ministry stated that Dial 100 was open to anyone who felt their fundamental rights had been violated.

“The service does not make value judgments about the complaints. It only receives, sorts and forwards dissatisfaction reports to the competent bodies”, he said. “The ministry is not against vaccination against Covid-19, but it manifests itself, based on legal provisions, contrary to its obligation.”

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