GTA V was released in 2013.
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(News Bulletin 247) – Many images and videos of the sixth part of the saga, currently under development, are circulating on the web, as well as part of the source code. On Wall Street, the Take-Two action is losing ground.

The saga where the player camps one or more thugs guilty (in particular) of thefts has itself been robbed. Since Sunday, September 18, images and videos of the sixth installment of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise have been circulating on the net, which constitutes one of the biggest leaks in the history of video games. In addition to images and videos, part of the source code of GTA VI but also of its predecessor GTA V, released in 2013, have also been leaked.

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As explained by our colleagues from BFM Tech (who have also written several very comprehensive articles on the subject), the leak would have originated from an Internet user by the name of “teapotuberhacker”, who published this data on the GTAForums forum. The same netizen also claims to have recently hacked Uber Technologies.

The Bloomberg agency has confirmed via several sources the origin of the content, ensuring that it came from the work of the game developers.

A multi-billion dollar blockbuster

On Wall Street, the action Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar Games, publisher of the GTA series, fell sharply. At the start of the session, it thus dropped 2.2% to 121.47 dollars.

“It’s a disaster in terms of communication, it possibly delays production and hurts morale,” said investment bank Jefferies, quoted by Reuters. The financial intermediary warns that leaking game source code could pose a bigger threat.

The source code leak “could require significant changes under the hood of the game to ensure its stability, and the integrity of the GTA VI Online server once it is launched”, he judges.

The sixth part of the saga is vital for Take-Two, while the last installment, GTA V, was released almost ten years ago. The announcement of the development of GTA VI had, at the beginning of February, propelled the action by 7%. According to Bank of America analysts quoted by Reuters, this new blockbuster could generate $3.5 billion in bookings revenue, then $2 billion thereafter.