(News Bulletin 247) – Schlumberger today announced the launch of a ‘Digital Platform Partner Program’, an initiative that will enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to take advantage of the openness and extensibility of the Schlumberger’s digital platform to create new applications and software and bring them to market.

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ISVs will create, market and sell solutions and applications through the Schlumberger digital platform, unleashing innovation for customers

‘ The Schlumberger Digital Platform Partner Program brings together digital solutions from Schlumberger and a growing number of ISVs, dramatically increasing the choice of domain workflows enriched by artificial intelligence (AI) and data science for customers,” summarizes Trygve Randen, Director of Digital Subsurface Solutions at Schlumberger.

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Schlumberger customers will have access to a wide range of interoperable digital solutions, enabling data-driven decision-making across the energy value chain and rapidly accelerating the time-to-value of digital transformation at the global scale.

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