(News Bulletin 247) – BASF offers for the first time neopentyl glycol (NPG) and propionic acid (PA) with zero carbon footprint (PCF) from cradle to gate. These products are available worldwide under the names ‘NPG ZeroPCF’ and ‘PA ZeroPCF’.

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BASF achieves this by using renewable raw materials in its unique Verbund production system through its Biomass Balance (BMB) approach. For the NPG, BASF also uses renewable energy for production.

NPG ZeroPCF and PA ZeroPCF are ‘drop-in’ solutions: Their quality and properties are identical to those of standard products, which allows customers to use them in their production without having to adapt their existing processes.

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In this way, manufacturers in the construction, automotive, white goods and furniture sectors can meet their upstream CO2 emission reduction targets.

BASF has obtained ‘Carbon Neutral’ certification from the Carbon Trust, a global climate change advisory body, for both of its products.

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