(News Bulletin 247) – GE announces that its technology development center, GE Research, will receive funding of $6.7 million after being selected by the ARPA-E agency (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy ) from the United States Department of Energy for its program to develop nuclear fuel reprocessing technologies.

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In addition to fuel reprocessing, the broader GE Research project aims to provide a ‘safer, more productive and economically viable’ way to recycle spent fuel.

The physical and digital solution led by GE Research would notably enable real-time tracking and measurement of a plant’s nuclear inventory, minimizing unplanned outages and reducing the time required for planned outages, GE points out.

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“This program has the potential to generate estimated savings of hundreds of millions of dollars per year in operating costs while enabling more used fuel to be recycled with enhanced safeguards,” said Bogdan Neculaes, principal scientist at GE Research and Project Manager.

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