(News Bulletin 247) – The German chemical group BASF, the industrial conglomerate Thyssenkrupp and the Austrian energy group OMV announced on Wednesday the formation of a consortium aimed at producing biofuels for aviation.

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As leader of the project, dubbed ‘M2SAF’, BASF will be responsible for designing and supplying a new catalyst technology for this kerosene that must meet sustainable development criteria.

Thyssenkrupp will be responsible for the engineering of the project and the conduct of a study of its feasibility from an economic point of view, which will lead it to establish a demonstration site in order to evaluate the costs.

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As for OMV, the project should help it reach the production target of 700,000 metric tons of sustainable aviation fuel that it has set for 2030.

The consortium – which also includes the companies DLR and ASG – is to benefit from a subsidy of 3.1 million euros from the German Ministry of Transport.

The project, which started last August, is to last two and a half years.

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