Wall Street: Wall Street ends on an undecided note
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PARIS (Reuters) – The New York Stock Exchange ended in mixed order on Wednesday, investors hesitating on the trend, fearing that the Fed’s tightening strategy could lead to a recession and penalize corporate results.

This gloom was reinforced by comments made by the bosses of some of the largest US banks who suggested that a recession was likely.

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The Dow Jones index ended stable at 33,597.92 points.

The broader Standard & Poor’s 500 fell 7.34 points, or 0.19% to 3,933.92 points.

The Nasdaq Composite fell 56.34 points (0.51%) to 10,958.553.

In values, we will remember the decline of Apple, lost 1.38% after the publication of a note from Morgan Stanley which reduced its iPhone delivery target and that of Tesla which lost 3.21% due to fears related to production volumes.

On the oil market, WTI stood at .37 (-2.53%) and Brent at .39 (-2.46%).

The dollar was down 0.41% against a basket of currencies a few minutes after the close of Wall Street, while the euro stood at 1.0508 dollars (+0.37%).

On the bond market, ten-year paper [US10YT=RR] fell 9.2 basis points to settle at 3.4205%. His five-year-old counterpart [US10YT=RR]fell 11 basis points to 3.6241%.

(Written by Nicolas Delame)

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