(News Bulletin 247) – Alpha MOS shares fell on the Paris Stock Exchange this Friday following the announcement of a fundraising of three million euros intended to finance the acceleration of the group’s commercial development.

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In concrete terms, the operation was carried out via a private placement of bonds convertible into shares (OCA) with cancellation of preferential subscription rights with institutional investors, subscribed by seven funds managed by the investment company Nextstage AM.

The conversion price of the bonds issued was set at 2.46 euros, a price almost 8% higher than the price of 2.28 euros at the close of the market yesterday evening.

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At current prices, this operation represents around 13% of the market capitalization of the specialist in sensory analysis, which manufactures electronic noses, tongues and eyes for industrial use.

If the company says it wanted to limit the potential dilution of its shareholders by using this method of financing, the participation of a shareholder holding 1% of the capital before the issue will be reduced to 0.89% following the operation. , on an undiluted basis.

These new financial resources will, however, enable it to strengthen its equity, boost its investment capacity, finance its activity and intensify its commercial development.

‘The operation offers enough funds to ensure 12 months of cash flow at the current rate of cash consumption’, underline analysts at Stifel.

“In our opinion, refinancing had become necessary and widely anticipated by the market, which means that this is good news until commercial activity takes off,” adds the research department.

At 10:30 a.m., the Alpha MOS share fell by 8.8%, marking one of the biggest falls on the Paris market at the start of the session.

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