(News Bulletin 247) – Orpea shareholders announced on Thursday the creation of an association of minority shareholders, called ‘Adamo’, with a view to ensuring a common defense and preserving their interests.

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In a press release, the association estimates that the minority shareholders – who represent more than 85% of the capital – risk losing everything in the restructuring project proposed by the new management of the company after having already lost almost all of their investment.

‘The shareholders of Orpea are left without answers to their questions’, writes the association.

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“Some have invested a few hundred euros in this value, others hundreds of thousands of euros,” she continues, inviting these investors to unite to avoid losing everything without reacting.

The association says it does not want the current plan, which it says crushes shareholders and allows a takeover of the company without the approval of those same shareholders.

On the contrary, it wants shareholders to be able to participate in the financial restructuring to preserve the value of their investment and for the resident or the patient to be put back at the heart of the activity.

Since the revelations of the book ‘Les Fossoyeurs’, a year ago, the stock market price of Orpea has lost nearly 95% of its value.

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