(News Bulletin 247) – Icade sells more than 3% in Paris, while Invest Securities maintains its buy rating on the stock, with a price target reduced from 57.2 to 55.1 euros.

The analysis office reports that the disposal of all healthcare assets will take place in 3 phases spread out until 2025.

‘Given the strong demand for healthcare assets and the benchmark set by phase 1, we are modeling a -5% discount to phase 2 and 3 asset valuations. Lead acquirer Primonial is not legally bound to acquire the assets of phases 2 and 3 which could possibly complicate the transactions ‘, underlines the analyst.

Invesr, however, indicates that it remains confident about the successful completion of the 3 phases which will generate excessive cash (3 billion euros) with potentially many uses.

‘ The operation is positive in the short term with the prospect of cumulative dividends for 2023-2025 of almost 44% of the current price, but in the medium term it will leave Icade at the head of a less diversified and clearly less attractive portfolio with a normative dividend down sharply (-18%) ‘, concludes the analyst.

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