(News Bulletin 247) – PepsiCo on Wednesday unveiled a new logo for its flagship brand, that of the soda Pepsi, adopting a visual identity relatively close to that which characterized it in the 1980s.

From the last logo adopted 14 years ago, the group based in Purchase (New York) has not kept much, except the traditional colors blue, white and red, to which the brand has remained faithful since the post-war period. .

However, Pepsi explains that it wanted to modernize its color palette by adding an ‘electric’ blue and black to bring contrast, sparkle and a ‘contemporary touch’.

The American company notes that the contribution of black will allow it to continue to focus on Pepsi Zero Sugar, the sugar-free version of its soda on which it is banking the most for the future.

The presentation of the new logo, unveiled on the group’s website, took place as Pepsi prepares to celebrate its 125th anniversary next year.

This new image is reminiscent of the logo that Pepsi sported at the end of the 1980s, a ‘neo-retro’ reference that is vaguely recognized by the group’s management.

“We designed the new brand identity with a view to connecting new generations with our brand’s heritage, combining our unique history with contemporary elements to signal our bold vision for events to come,” explained Mauro Porcini. , the design director.

The new Pepsi logo will be gradually adopted from this fall in North America, before being rolled out globally from 2024.

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