(News Bulletin 247) – Wall Street fell on Wednesday, while the adoption by Congress of the project to raise the American debt ceiling remained at the heart of concerns: the Dow Jones lost 0.4% to 32,908 points and the Nasdaq Composite, 0.6% to 12,935 points.

All eyes were on the Capitol in Washington, where the House of Representatives – with a Republican majority – and the Senate – controlled by Democrats – had yet to endorse the budget compromise found this weekend between Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy.

In the event of a probable agreement between the two assemblies to raise the debt ceiling, and thus avoid a default by the United States in the very short term, it also remained to be seen what reception the markets would reserve for the epilogue of the dossier.

Indeed, a favorable vote by US parliamentarians could certainly reassure investors and inject new momentum into equities, but also generate volatility by strengthening the attractiveness of the debt market.

While no macroeconomic indicator was on the agenda, corporate news was a little livelier, with negative reactions to quarterly publications from HP Inc (-6%), HP Enterprise (-7.1%) in particular. and especially Capri (-11.3%).

Nvidia (-5.7%) also suffered profit taking after making gains of 175% since the start of the year, although BofA analysts on Wednesday raised their target on the manufacturer’s title. of processors.

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