Plevris: The two scenarios for new measures against the coronavirus from September


The two scenarios considered by the government to take action from September to address it pandemicif required, but also need for vaccination both the general population and the vulnerable groups, the Minister of Health analyzed, Thanos Plevrisin OPEN.

As he said, scientists do not expect a dynamic pandemic in the summer months, but clarified that this does not cause complacency and left open the possibility of some measures coming back from September if a new wave of cases is observed, which can even be caused by the Omicron mutation. He clarified, however, that these measures, if they finally return, will mainly concern in vulnerable groups“Our initial plan is that there will be a resumption of measures if and when the pandemic shows a dynamic,” he said.

The Minister of Health then clarified: “There are two scenarios: The first, which we hope will materialize, is this particular pandemic following the duration of previous pandemics so from the 2nd to the 3rd year it has a clear decline and is slowly turning into an endemic situation. This will make us not go to very strict measures and go to the absolutely necessary. But if we have a state of exacerbation or a mutation, obviously everything is on the table».

He repeated that twhatever measures are taken will be targeted, will mainly concern the vulnerable population, ie those who are basically at risk of the disease. «We may need to take action on vulnerable groupsHe said, adding that “we enter into another normality, that of our coexistence with the coronavirus».

Vaccinations from September

Regarding vaccines, he stressed that common wish of all health authorities is to have a vaccine in September which will be in the logic of the flu vaccine. Do not go in repetitive doses, but be annual. «The direction is to go there and concern the whole population (and children)“, he said. «“There will be a need for vaccination in September, certainly for the general population and for vulnerable groups.” concluded Mr. Plevris.

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