Tour in Evros on Sunday Theodorikakos – Awake from the increase in migratory flows


He will tour Evros tomorrow, Sunday 29 May, the Minister of Civil Protection, Takis Theodorikakostogether with Deputy Minister Lefteris Oikonomou and ELAS leader Lieutenant General Konstantinos Skoumas, in order to be closely informed about the situation at the border, on the occasion of the escalation of migration flows observed recently from Turkey.

During their tour, the minister, the deputy minister and the leader will visit the shooting range of Didymoteicho and the fence in Kastanies, where a meeting will be held with the military authorities at the outpost. In Kastanies, at around 10.15 in the morning, Mr. Theodorikakos will make statements to journalists.

Then they will visit the Local Business Centers (TEK) of the Police in Nea Vyssa Orestiadawhere the prevailing situation will be presented and then the minister and his entourage will leave for Feres where they will visit the fence.

The minister in Alexandroupolis will also have meetings with the Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis in the Diocese, with the governor and other local officials, while the leader of ELAS will have a meeting with police officials.

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