Full Glass: Patagonia and Campos do Jordão launch red ale with raspberry

Full Glass: Patagonia and Campos do Jordão launch red ale with raspberry

Two breweries that boast of using natural ingredients from the mountain, where they are based, are now teaming up for a joint launch.

Cerveza Patagonia, from Bariloche (Argentina), and Cerveja Campos do Jordão, from the homonymous city of São Paulo, in the Mantiqueira mountains, joined forces to launch a red ale made with hops harvested on the Fernández Oro farm, in the Patagonia region, owned by the Argentine brewery, and raspberry from Serra da Mantiqueira, a region known for the quality of the fruit.

The result is a beer with a reddish color, courtesy of raspberry, with 4.8% alcohol and only 19 IBU (bitterness scale that goes up to 120).

“We brought our hops directly from the harvest of our farm to this partnership, creating a unique flavor”, says Thiago Leitão, marketing manager of the Argentine brewery, which belongs to the Ambev portfolio. “Both Patagonia and Cervejaria Campos do Jordão have this characteristic of valuing regional ingredients, especially from mountainous regions”, completes Leitão.

Sylvio Rios, director of the Brazilian brewery, celebrates the collaboration of brands with similar geographic roots. “This partnership was born from the desire to bring together the mountainous essence of two regions that are similar, both in terms of climate and natural beauty, as well as the production of special beers.”

Those passing through Campos do Jordão can have a beer from the red ale at the Alto da Brasa restaurant, inside Parque da Cerveja (street Mun. Paulo Costa Lenz Cesar, 2150, Gavião Gonzaga), where the brewery is. The label is also available at the four Refúgio Patagonia bars in Brazil, all in the southern region, in Curitiba (PR), Porto Alegre (RS), Blumenau and Florianópolis (SC).

Otherwise, the best option is to buy the long neck beer through the Empório da Cerveja website (finally arrived), Ambev’s ecommerce, for R$ 14.90.​

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