The court decision to return the confiscated oil to the tanker Pegas


This decision may pave the way for the release of the two Greek tankers that remain in custody by the “Revolutionary Guards” off Iran.

It is removed by decision of the Board of Appeals of Chalkida the seizure of oil cargo by the Russian tanker pegas or lana with the flag of Iran located off the coast of Karystos and where the departure has been temporarily prohibited by the port authorities. The official document of the judicial authorities was delivered yesterday at midnight to the Ministry of Shipping.

According to this, the Chalkida Board of Appeals did objections accepted of the attorney general of the company “saman costar samirom servises construction executive company” and orders the return of oil cargo from the US-leased tanker “Ice Energy” located off Piraeus in “pegas i lana”.

It is noted that, a few days ago, the American judicial authorities, following their request to the Greek judicial authorities and specifically to the court of Halkida, had requested the seizure of the cargo of pegas, in the context of the sanctions imposed by the American side against it. Iran.

The ship had loaded 104,134 metric tons of crude oil from the port of Sohar in Oman.

The American authorities, after his court request was accepted by the Greek judicial authorities, had sent a chartered tanker to the sea area where the “pegas” is located off Karystos, in order to unload a part of the cargo.

Near the pegas is a second tanker that was expected to receive a certain amount of oil these days.

It is noted that The new court decision may lead to the release of the two Greek tankers who remain in custody by the “Revolutionary Guards” off the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

These are the two Greek-owned tankers (Delta Poseidon and Prudent Warrior) held by the Guards of the Revolution. There are 48 crew members on the two ships, including 10 Greeks and a Cypriot. Crew members are in good health, while it was possible to contact the companies.

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