Via sms again this year the grades of the Panhellenic: The platform for registering the telephones of the candidates opens tomorrow


The special application will be available from tomorrow, Friday 17 June until Friday 24 June

The candidates of the Panhellenic Examinations have the opportunity to be informed via text message again, as they will be able to get knowledge of their grade, but also of their admission school / department by text message on their mobile phone.

Candidates can register or confirm their mobile phone on the website of the Ministry of Education and Religions through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration, in a special application which will be available from tomorrow, Friday 17 June and until Friday 24 June, utilizing their participation details in Panhellenic Examinations 2022.

The application was developed and operated since last year by the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures – EDYTE SA (GRNET), Agency of the Ministry of Digital Governance, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Digital Systems, Infrastructure and Examinations of the Ministry of Education and Religions, in the framework of the Digital Transformation of Education.

With this possibility, the goals of the digital transformation are further promoted, through the redesign of educational services that focus on the immediate service of the citizen.

It is reminded that the mobile phone channel operates independently of the application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the candidates, entering their eight-digit code and the initial letter from the surname, first name, patronymic and patronymic, in capital letters, they will be able to be informed in detail about their grade and their admission school.

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