#Hashtag: Twitter profile gathers random restaurants around the world


Choose a place. Anywhere in the world you can imagine. Can you describe what the food would be like in an ordinary establishment there?

To feed your daydreams, the “Random Restaurant” account (@_restaurant_bot on twitter ) may be the best option. It is a bot-fueled profile, that is, a robot chooses Google images posted by ordinary users in reviews or using the locations on social networks.

Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania. All continents are there.

The profile, which has 66,000 followers, was created by programmer Joseph Schoech (@on3ness on Twitter) amid the boredom of the quarantine decreed by the pandemic in 2020. He credits the success of the account not only to the photos of the food, but to the elements that reveal the culture of different places.

“Restaurants are culture, not just the food, but the architecture, the people and their haircuts. I don’t know if the landscape is culture, but it’s still attractive. Most of the cultural stuff we see online is curated by some means.” , but not that. You have different things than you would usually see,” he told Mashable.

All countries are included in the bill, but Schoech confesses that those who make their favorite foods are twice as likely to appear on the profile. They are: France, United States, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico, Portugal and South Korea.

Several Brazilian restaurants have already appeared among the random posts on the page. Here are some examples, from the most “gourmets” to the simplest establishments:

Looking for a SambaryLove?

As the photos are chosen at random, it is possible to see small fragments of real life, in the midst of content so edited and handpicked from social networks.

A hospital waiting room?

Beautiful Subway stairs in the city of Torres – RS.

It’s nice to be able to see food for what it really is, isn’t it?

We don’t know for sure if this is really Catupirella’s facade.

Pastry, pizzeria and hamburger?

It is the pure juice of Brazil.

A pole too, why not?

visit profile @_restaurant_bot to travel in the gastronomic universe. But we are not responsible for any order made by delivery app!

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