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Halkidiki: The search for Martin continues for the 10th day


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Martin’s brother Gorav is in the area and has been involved in the search for several days

The search continues for the tenth day for the 32-year-old Martin, who is missing at sea, when he dived with two of his friends in Mitis Poseidius in Kassandra, Halkidiki, reports the

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Martin’s brother, Gorav, is in the area and has been participating in the investigations for several days. Gorav is joined by his wife, their ten-month-old child and his mother, who are worried about the young man’s fate.

“Research on my brother is very expensive, we rent planes, drone. We are here with my family, with my mother, my wife and my ten-month-old baby. My family can’t afford it anymore,” says Gorav, who appeals to the Greek government “if it can help us in any way, for example with the port authority, the planes to search and the citizens who have drones.” . According to him, a limited number of people participate in the investigations and “we have a large area to cover”.

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“To thank the volunteers, the team OFKAT who is always by our side, all the donations and the Greek government that extended the search for a few days,” added Martin’s brother.

“Me and my family are stuck in a foreign country, I can’t go home without brother. I can’t,” he concludes.

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