Classic carioca bars arrive in SP and try to popularize the boy beer

Classic carioca bars arrive in SP and try to popularize the boy beer

Gone are the days when it was necessary to take the air shuttle between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to have a legitimate carioca beer. It’s just that, since the beginning of this year, classic bars born under the Corcovado have arrived in the capital of São Paulo, seeking to import the bohemian culture from there and, of course, the boy beer.

The most recent to land in São Paulo was Boteco Rainha. Led by chef Pedro Artagão, the address opened its doors at Itaim Bibi on May 20 — and brought even manager Francisco das Chagas, better known as Chiquinho, who came from Rio to participate in the opening and will stay in São Paulo until the end. Of this month.

“As incredible as it may seem, little boy beer here hasn’t been out much”, comments Chiquinho. The drink, nothing more than a draft beer served in a smaller 220 ml glass, costs R$ 6.50. “The paulistano still needs to learn to take the little boy.”

As for the food, one of the classics on the Rio menu, the octopus with vinaigrette, also crossed the border. Anyone who wants to taste the recipe needs to pay R$ 116.

A few blocks away, also in Itaim, is Braca, which is inspired by Bracarense, a Rio de Janeiro bar created in 1961. The São Paulo branch was opened in February of this year.

The address preserves the typical aura of a pub, where the beer does not stop sliding over trays, the decor is inspired by football teams and the bar is surrounded by high chairs. The little boy there sells for R$7.90, while the caipirinhas, with options of vodka, gin or cachaça, range from R$30 to R$45. The shrimp dumpling portion costs R$52.

But the first of this wave of Carioca houses to cross the Presidente Dutra highway was the Belmonte, opened in Vila Madalena on January 6th of this year. Operating since 1952 in Rio, the space has a branch in São Paulo divided into two floors, one of them in the open.

With round tables with marble tops, chandeliers and shelves with all kinds of drinks, Belmonte de São Paulo has a more chic feel than its neighbors on Rua Girassol. But there, the boy beer is the most served, sold at R$ 6.50. A complete feijoada, in turn, costs R$200 and serves four people.

“The bar is full every day”, comments Kadu Tomé, a partner at Braca. “Now everyone wants to come to São Paulo, here people have money.”

Boteco Belmonte
R. Girassol, 384, Vila Madalena, west region, tel. (11) 94451-7195, Instagram @boteco_belmonte

Braca Bar
R. Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 908, Itaim Bibi, south region, tel. (11) 99656-1772, Instagram @bracabar

Boteco Rainha
R. Pedroso Alvarenga 1.173, Itaim Bibi, south region, Instagram @bar_rainha

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