Fire now in the newly built Aspropyrgos


80 firefighters and aerial vehicles were mobilized

A better picture is presented by the fire that broke out at noon on Friday in a forest area in the Peripheral Egaleo, in the Neoktista Aspropyrgou Attica towards Mount Poikilo.

To put out the fire, 80 firefighters with 20 vehicles, 4 groups of infantry units, 4 aircraft and 1 helicopter were mobilized.

The roads closed to traffic due to the fire

Vehicular traffic was interrupted on certain roads due to the fire, but has now been restored.

Traffic was previously suspended at:

  1. In the Peripheral Egaleo from the height of Neoktisti in the direction of Attiki Odos
  2. On NATO Avenue from the height of Regional Egaleo

A little while ago Attiki Odos announced that traffic has been restored in the Regional Egaleo.

Fire in Aspropyrgos

Photo source: Facebook Fire Update

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