Fires are raging in Domoko and Samothraki


A very high risk of fire, category 4, is predicted for today in Attica and the regional units of Evros, Evia, Boeotia, Argolis, Corinthia and Chios.

Firefighters battled the flames during the night in Domoko Fthiotida in Petrotos community. The fire broke out on Monday night.

According to the Fire Department, the fire in Fthiotida has developed several fronts helped by the strong winds, however, so far no residential areas are threatened.

The fire that broke out early Tuesday morning, in a forest area in the area of ​​Piges Grias Vathras in Prinos Samothraki, is still ongoing.

According to the Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection (, today the risk of fire is very high (risk category 4) in the following areas:

• Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (Evros Region)
• Region of Attica
• Region of Central Greece (Evia, Boeotia)
• Peloponnese region (Argolida PE, Corinthia PE)
• North Aegean Region (Chios Region)

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