“Cafe aman”: Cafes… arsenal and hashish plantation in Krapsi Ioannina – See images


From Kalashnikovs to bayonets, he had… the menu of the cafe, which was investigated by the authorities, in Ioannina. At the same time, a total of 47 cannabis seedlings were found and confiscated

The discovery of a large hashish plantation in Krapsi Ioannina resulted in the discovery of a huge arsenal which was kept by one of the arrested in his catering business.

Specifically, the police operation that was organized yesterday afternoon in the Krapsi area of ​​Ioannina resulted in the arrest of three people, one of whom is Albanian.

A case file was filed against the three arrested, on a case-by-case basis, for drug cultivation and violations of weapons legislation.

As part of the investigation of the case, a total of 47 cannabis seedlings, watering equipment and agricultural tools were found and confiscated in the area of ​​the plantation.

In a search conducted at the coffee shop run by one of the arrested, as well as at his home, the following were found and confiscated:

5 Kalashnikov assault rifles,

6 war rifles of various types,

6 shotguns,


2 grenades,

7 detonators and a slow-burning fuse,

3 bayonets,

2 knives,

2,961 cartridges of various calibers,

10 magazines and

the amount of -1,710- euros.

Those arrested will be taken to Mr. Prosecutor Plimmeliodiki Ioannina.

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