Full Glass: Mito Brewery launches Tchutchuca do Centrão witbier

Full Glass: Mito Brewery launches Tchutchuca do Centrão witbier

Known for its labels that treat President Jair Bolsonaro’s adventures with scathing humor, the microbrewery Mito, in Rio de Janeiro, has just presented its newest launch: Tchutchuca do Centrão.

The style chosen was the refreshing witbier. Tchutchuca do Centrão has 5.1% alcohol and will be officially launched this Sunday (28), at the soft opening of the brewery bar, Gabinete do Mito, under the traditional Arcos da Lapa (Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 149, Lapa).

The term “tchutchuca do centrão” went viral a week ago, when the president got involved in a fight with youtuber Wilker Leão on the way out of Palácio da Alvorada, in Brasília. At the time, Leão called the Chief Executive by his nickname, and even called him a “coward” and a “vagabundo”. Bolsonaro tried, in vain, to snatch the cell phone from the youtuber’s hand.

Back to business, the brewery was concerned about launching the label because of the sexist connotation of the term. On Instagram, the brand posted that it “reflected a lot on whether to launch the beer”. And that “we will take advantage of the theme to bring empowerment content during the week. Despite the satire, the subject is serious and deserves attention.”

Witbier is a popular style, of Belgian origin, made with wheat, orange peel and coriander seeds. Mito, which supports LGBTQIA+ and anti-racist causes, has in its portfolio other titles that refer to the universe (or metaverse) of the current president, such as Golden Shower, the Presidential Entourage and Athlete History.

“We say that Bolsonaro is our head of marketing, because he is the one who gives the names, he is very good at it”, commented Bruno Mesquita, owner of the brand, in the past.

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