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A French family with 7 children was “enchanted” by the beauties of Greece – Read their story


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Kyrillos and his wife Charbonnier together with their seven children and one nephew are all traveling together, and this year, for the first time, they are visiting Greece

Going through the last days of August, with our country, as everything shows, breaking new records in terms of its tourism, and in particular the arrivals for this season, the tourists who choose it, are either in organized groups or individual travelers and indeed of all ages.

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We met a large French family, in the Peloponnese, specifically in the Arcadia region, outside the historic Malevi monastery, built on Mount Parnon, near the top of Malevos, from where the monastery got its name and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

They would unload hats, backpacks, sunglasses, water bottles, maps and other necessary accessories from their van, because they would start to walk a path. We welcomed them to our country and informed them, although they hardly knew, where they would start for their hiking route.

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First time in Greece

Cyrille and his wife Charbonnier along with their seven children and one nephew are all traveling together, and this year, for the first time, they decided to visit Greece!

They come from a small town in France, Brignoles, located in the south-east of the country, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, with a permanent population of around 17,000.

“Our first day in Greece was in Thessaloniki” Charbonnier and Cyrille Blandine say exclusively to, whom we met as part of a journalistic mission in Arcadia, specifically in areas of the Municipality of North Kynouria, on the occasion of the 1st Peloponnese Gastronomy Festival .

As they themselves tell, they particularly liked Thessaloniki, they also visited Vergina, while they spent the night at a campsite in the Imathia region, near the ancient capital of Macedonia. They continued their journey with a stop at the imposing Meteora, the next stop was Athens and headed towards the Peloponnese.

Road trip to the Peloponnese

The large Blandine family will stay in Greece for a total of three weeks and it seems that the largest part of their vacation will be dedicated to the tour of the Peloponnese.

“We live in Agios Andreas (village of Tsakonia, 6 km from Astros), today (Saturday 27/8 where we met them) we also came for a hike” Cyrille Blandine happily reported to, adding that they will continue their trek to other parts of the Peloponnese, “we will go to Ancient Olympia, and Nafplion and elsewhere” he added.

As it was seen and stated by themselves, they are excited by the places they have visited so far, and they have put Greece in their hearts.

A French family with seven children and a nephew are traveling around Greece

Malevi Monastery

The historic Malevi monastery is located on Mount Parnon and the first monastery was founded in 717 AD. In Malevi, from 1601 to 1651, N. Terzakis was a monk with the name Nilos, who after his death was recognized as a saint and is celebrated on May 7 in his hometown, Agios Petros Kynourias, while the Assumption is celebrated on November 12 in the monastery of. In the monastery is the miraculous icon of the Virgin, dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin. Today, six nuns live in the monastery.

From the monastery begins a path that leads to the Parnon Plateau and its highest peak, Megali Tourla (1,934 m.), a distance of 6 km, and a hiking route of about three hours, uphill in several places. There is a red signal.

As mentioned by Giorgos Karagiannis, one of the five members of the “5ENTE” Coun.S.Ep, based in Ano Doliana of Arcadia, in North Kynouria, apart from the path to the Parnon Plateau, it is the point where it also meets the Parnon Trail. The signpost for the Parnon Trail, which connects Ano Doliana, Agios Petros Kynourias, Malivis Monastery, Xirokambi, Agios Ioannis, Lukous Monastery with Paralio Astros (85 km.), is the octagonal star of Tsakona .

“There are two hiking options starting from the Malevi monastery, one on the left goes to Xirokambi, distance 2.5 km, route 45 minutes – one hour, and the other goes right to Agios Petros Kynourias, from the cedar forest, distance 5 km., route 2 hours” Giorgos Karagiannis declares to, conveying at the same time his love for the region.

George Karagiannis,

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