Kindergartens – NSRF 2022: Today the final results for the vouchers – What time will they be announced


Today, Wednesday, August 31, the final results for the provision will be posted 97,000 vouchers to parents for NSPA daycare centers of EETAA (Hellenic Association for Local Development and Self-Government).

In its announcement late on Tuesday night, EETAA extended the anxiety of thousands of parents as it informed that the final announcement of the voucher results for the infant and daycare centers will be issued on Wednesday, August 31 after noon to the afternoon.

The results will be the final ones, given that in the previous days the platform was opened for the objections from the beneficiaries who were left out with the provisional results.

The announcement

“Due to technical problems, which are not due to EETAA, and in order to minimize the possibility of error, we inform you that THE FINAL RESULTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW 31.8.2022, after noon.

We remind you that the provisional results for the provision of 97,000 vouchers were announced on Wednesday, August 24, while on Friday, August 26, the electronic objections to EETAA were completed.

How to register

For the registration of the beneficiary child in a structure, the legal representative, should be the same person who has submitted the application for participation, must:

a. To print the voucher and go to any corresponding Structure in services of his choice, near his place of residence.

b. To sign the standardized contract, which will be printed by the Agency, in two (2) copies (one for each contracting party), through the P.S. of EETAA, which are also co-signed by the Legal Representative of the Agency, and where the basic elements and obligations of the two (2) parties are described. It should be noted that the process of registration, signing of the Contract and Authorization always takes place by the 1st working day of each month, with the exception of the month of September, where this process must be completed by 12.9.2022 at the latest. In case of registration from 13.9.2022 onwards, activation takes place from the first working day of the following month.

c. To sign the standard form, which will be given to him by the Entity/structure, with which he authorizes EETAA to make the payments to the Entity on his behalf.

d. To issue the Attendance Card (KA.PA.), from the EETAA website, which is mandatory for recording the presence of the beneficiary child from the first day of his presence in the structure.

a. For the categories of Structures A1, A2, B1, B2, B3 and D, the right to activate the voucher is valid until May 2, 2023, while for the category of Structure C, the right to activate the voucher is valid until December 1, 2022.
Vouchers of all Structure categories, will be able to change Structure or Region until May 2, 2023.

b. For those vouchers of structure category C that are not activated within the above deadline, EETAA may – depending on the available budget of this category – carry out an appropriate procedure of re-assignment of placement values, based on the ranking tables of Article 8 hereof. Activation of this feature can take place no later than 31.01.2023.

c. In the event that a voucher has not been activated, due to lack of a place in the specific age category of the structure to which the child belongs (nursery), it can be activated for the first time in another category of place (nursery), as soon as the child reaches 30 months . This possibility is maintained throughout the school year, until the 1st working day of each month, except for the last two (2) months of June and July 2023.

d. The voucher is strictly personal, it is not transferable, it is not sold, it is not redeemable and in the event of a violation of the aforementioned, it is cancelled, and its owner ceases to be a beneficiary of the program.

For the payment of the entire value of the voucher per month, it is required that the beneficiary child’s absences do not exceed ten (10) days. Absence days justified by appropriate documents, such as a doctor’s or hospital certificate, are not counted as absences.

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