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Necklace made of… icicles created by a French studio – The message about water scarcity


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The necklace comes with a silicone disc that allows the wearer to freeze it; it consists of seven ice cubes connected together with silver beads.

A necklace which aims to honor the value of water and which designed to be worn chilled – consists of ice cubes – and yes it melts within half an hour designed the Parisian studio Golem in collaboration with Laila El Mehelmy.

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The idea for “OoOoooOoooOh la l’ice” came during a hot party at Berlin’s Club Der Visionaeresaid the architect, speaking to Dezeen Ariel Claudet, founder of Golem. “In a survival move to cope with the sweltering heat of one of the hottest summers Germany has ever experienced, people at the party began dipping ice cubes from freezers and rubbing each other with them.».

In an era in which water resources are being privatized and water scarcity is affecting all countries around the globe, water is turning from a neglected commodity into one of the most sought-after luxuries.Claudet observed.

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The necklace comes with one silicone tray that allows the user to freeze it· consists of seven icicles connected together with silver beads. The studio found that ice cubes on the skin melt in half an hour and in an hour when the necklace is worn over clothing.

The process caused by the wearer’s body heat expresses man’s influence on the cycles of naturecommented from the Golem studio. “It shows how humanity acts as a catalyst in natural processes and dangerously accelerates global warming and desertification».


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