Frankos to commandos: “Don’t talk about oil and night, I’ll put pepper on you”


“What the little commando said shows his attitude and morale,” emphasized the honorary general GEETHA.

General Frangos Frangoulis described the dialogue he had with a young commando in Megalo Pefkos on “Mismatches” on SKAI TV, when he was asked to comment on Erdogan’s threats that “suddenly night will come” in Greece.

The honorary head of GEETHA said that the young commando, who was no more than 20 years old, approached him and told him about Turkey’s threats:
“‘Listen, chief, I want to tell them something.’ I tell him, don’t, don’t, don’t say it, because he already blurted it out. Don’t talk, I tell him about oil and for the evening, I’ll put pepper in your mouth.”

Mr. Frangoulis emphasized that what the little commando said shows the attitude and morale of the armed forces.

He referred to the important distinctions of two Greek teams in an international competition between NATO forces in Germany, as the Special Parachute Division took first place and the Gth Amphibious Assault Squadron took fourth place. The commando Cypriots took 8th place, while Turkey chose to withdraw from the second day of the competition, “because it saw that it would step on”.

“Every time (the Turks) step on them, they get up and leave. They did it in basketball the day before yesterday with Georgia, they wanted to leave,” the quarterback said.

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