Zoniana: Police officers were attacked with stones and sticks


A section of villagers were shouting at the police to leave the village, while a large police operation was taking place

Other times – and indeed one day after the sad anniversary of his death Stathis Lazaridis, of the special guard who was murdered during a police operation – recalled the unimaginable scene that took place, this morning, in Zoniana, when a portion of the villagers, in sight of the police officers participating in a large police operation, attacked them not only verbally but also with stones and wood!

The police operation with the participation of EKAM, squads of the MAT, TAE and other services took place in the morning, targeted, in order to check specific families. Investigations revealed 20 cannabis plants in the village, in a warehouse that had been configured as a drying room. In total, following searches and in paddocks, 15 kilograms of dried hashish were located and seized in the dryer,about 80 seedlings in pots and another 100 seedlings in other areas. Two people were arrested for drugs and some others are wanted.

However, the police operation caused strong reactions with results to prevail a scene of chaos in the village. According to police sources some residents of the village, about 4-5 initially, which along the way increased to 25-30, rioted against the police officers, calling them unwelcome and urging them to leave. However, tempers flared further as those in question did not hesitate to throw stones and sticks at the police officers, with stones even “hitting” a police officer. The police were forced to resort to throwing stun grenades.

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