Kolonaki: A well-known restaurant cut “monkey” receipts for 4 years – A million euro fine


The audit has also begun in the rest of the chain’s stores – Violations were detected between 26/11/2015 and 19/01/2020

A well-known restaurant in Kolonaki fell into her net AADEsince for four years, on the receipts he cut, the illegal software, which he had installed, automatically discounted from 90% to 99%(!) on the amounts, which were finally transferred to the memory of the cash register.

These are the two very important violations, which made even the experienced auditors of AADE rub their eyes.

The said fish restaurant, of a traditional entrepreneur in the specific object, at Kolonakihas branches in Monastiraki, Glyfada, Nea Erythrea, Chalandri, Nea Smyrni and Paros.

The inspectors were there after complaints that the restaurant was issuing only temporary receipts – the well-known order slips.

The audit, which they carried out, concerned the period from 26/11/2015 to 19/01/2020.

The electronic tax data (.txt files) were seized, and with the special software they calculated the company’s income.

Subsequently, bank secrecy was lifted and accounts were opened through the Bank Account Registry System (S.M.T.L.) and in addition the banks were asked for detailed POS transactions. By cross-checking the electronic tax .txt files with data from tax books, bank accounts and detailed POS transactions, they found the multitude of violations.

At the same time, the tax memory of the tax mechanism was confiscated and checked.

The total fines and surcharges, which the company is required to pay, approach one million euros.

Auditors are now investigating the remaining stores, which are separate businesses.


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