Gaga in SKAI: Deaths will continue to rise even if cases decrease


The number of deaths from coronavirus will continue to increase in the coming days, even if the cases show a significant reduction, Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga told SKAI and the show “Unmatched”.

As he explained, the number of cases with the measures taken by the government is stabilizing and may have a slight decline and the patients who got sick 10 days ago are those who are in the units now and those who will end up most of the time. “The average time that passes from diagnosis to death exceeds 10 days. “So the deaths we see and those who are being intubated are the ones who got sick 15 days ago,” said Ms. Gaga. However, he pointed out that the deaths mainly concern citizens over 70 years of age and that is why vaccination became mandatory. “Of course we have other people who are lost, such as pregnant women. Only in the 4th RAI last month 27 pregnant women got sick and were hospitalized, many caesareans had to be performed, 7 were intubated and we also had death. “We are talking about huge numbers of girls who are healthy and without any problems at all,” he added.

In the same context, he noted that deaths are mainly in the unvaccinated and in the elderly and with many coexisting problems. He said that every year deaths from respiratory infections are recorded. “We have from 250-400 deaths from the flu a year and in the flu we do not have 6,000-7,000 cases every day, as with the coronavirus”, he pointed out.

Asked if the possibility of compulsory vaccination being extended to citizens over the age of 50 is being considered, she stressed that at these ages “we do not see serious cases. “Of course the measures are being discussed and tomorrow the Omicron mutation may completely change our view because it will bring new findings.”

Regarding the Omicron mutation, the Deputy Minister of Health commented that in about a week we will have an idea of ​​how contagious it is, how serious the disease is, how much the people who have been vaccinated are affected. “Right now with the cases we have, we can not have safe conclusions. So, it is logical that we should be careful, but not to panic “, he clarified.

For the pressure on the hospitals and the accusations from the opposition that the NSS has become monothematic, it presented indicatively some data from the 4th RAE, which includes 2 of the 4 big hospitals of Thessaloniki and the hospitals in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Specifically, in November, in the outpatient clinics, in the emergency rooms, 41,000 people were examined and 16,500 non-covid admissions and 2,900 Covid admissions were made. “So the NSS is fully operational. In some hospitals we had to cancel surgeries in order to have space for all patients. But these canceled surgeries have already gone to other hospitals. “There is no patient who is left without care,” concluded Ms. Gaga.

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